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Support and love for our Black friends

First of all, this is not meant to be a political post in any way.  My heart has always been and always will be towards people.  And I want my clients to know how much I care for them during this tough time.

In light of the recent awful killings of innocent people like George Floyd and Ahmaud Arbery and Breonna Taylor and the awful accusations made about Christian Cooper by Amy Cooper (highlighting the power very privileged white society can and do weld), I feel I need to say something.  I pray my words come across as I intend them – with love for all, but especially for our black brothers and sisters who need it now more than ever before.

While I can’t say that I support violence, I can’t say that I’ve ever been in the position where i have been so hurt, so angry, so frustrated that I feel that my voice has not been heard. I can only imagine the depth of pain these people must be in to riot.

My pastor said something that really challenged me to my core on Sunday morning. He said “No lives matter till Black Lives Matter”. In other words, all lives matter isn’t true till black lives matter. We need to make black lives matter.

I am reading as much as I can get my hands on. Is it making me uncomfortable to confront my own conditioning and comforts?  For sure. But you know what, growth is uncomfortable sometimes. Black people sure feel uncomfortable all the time, so it’s okay for me feel a little while I examine my own bias and thoughts and actions and sayings and reviews.  I am writing to my local lawmakers. I am reaching out to friends to make sure they are okay. And I hope they will challenge me to do better and be better.

My friend Tia Glover’s wrote these words below that I wanted to share with you also as it echos beautifully what I feel, but from her perspective as a strong black woman.

“Your initial thought is your conditioning, your next thought is your character.

Until these matters of injustice affect the unaffected how will we unite in efforts to bring about change, unity and peace?

Now is not the time to feel helpless, now is the time to act. The responsibility is on you to educate yourself, heal yourself and challenge the narrative that you were raised with and most likely are raising your kids on.

I urge you to really challenge your conditioning, examine your own biases. The ones that keep you from fully understanding that we have to fight the system together.

Read books, sign petitions, donate to organizations fighting this fight. Speak to your network about it and challenge the collective mindset that surrounds you. If it feels uncomfortable, you are on the right track. Do the work, it matters!”

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