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How to take your own Maternity Photographs at home

COVID-19 has changed all of our lives right now.  The “social distancing” has meant no more hugs and high fives, it has meant long lines to get into the grocery stores and avoiding people as you walk down the road like they have cooties.  The  “shelter in place” has meant even more changes to our “normal” – we now “zoom” and “face time” with our friends and family since we can’t see them anymore, we now have to find ways to entertain ourselves within the confines of our homes because leaving is no longer an option.  Life right now, looks so different.   COVID-19 is annoying, inconvenient, frustrating.  I know you all feel it too.

In my job i have the honor of documenting some of the most precious moments in people’s lives.  Some of these moments can wait, we don’t “need” family pictures right now, even though it would be convenient since we are all home.   But some moments are fleeting – you cant get them back again.   I am so gutted I can’t come and document these images for you, so I thought I would put together a list of my top tips of how to take your own maternity photographs at home, so you will be able to look back one day and remember how beautiful your new shape was.  You are creating a new life, and it should have some documentation.

Most of us have a decent camera at home – but even if you don’t, your cell phones “portrait mode” can do a pretty fine job.  🙂    Give it a go.  You will never regret the images you took – only the ones you didn’t.  <3

Tip 1:  Find the lighting:

INDOORS: Most PNW homes are dark.  So, find the light in the room.  Position your beautiful pregnant woman close to a window.  Or find the room in the house with the most light – it could be your master bedroom, it could be your bedroom or it could even be a bathroom.  Light is your friend when it comes to photographs.

OUTDOORS:  An overcast day means you can photograph pretty much anywhere and not get shadows in unflattering places like under the eyes.  Choose an overcast day if you can.  If it is a sunny day, wait till the afternoon or evening till the sun has gone down so you utilize softer natural light rather than harsh bright sunlight that will make your photos blow out.


Tip 2: Use flattering poses:

A classic mistake that people make when posing a pregnant woman, is forgetting to show off your curves.  You have boobs, and a bump so make sure that the clothing that you are wearing, or the poses you are in shows both. 🙂  You can have her bend one of her legs to help create a curve at the bottom of her belly bump also.


I always make sure that I can see the mother-to-be’s waist line if I can.  If you can see her waistline through her arm, then her waist looks more petite and all pregnant women want to look smaller during this season of their lives where they feel heavier than normal.


Since we are doing COVID-19 sheltering, you could ask your current children or teens to help you out (if you have any).  If you are going to get your kids to help photograph you to get a couple of shots of mom and dad, think about daddy being slightly closer to the camera than mommy.  I usually pose men a little closer to the camera than women whenever I can.


Lastly, If I can, I shoot from above, and never from below.  If your camera is below looking up at her, you will add pounds to her.   If you are above her, looking down, she will look smaller and it will be more flattering for her.  This will also make sure she never has a double chin.


Tip 3: Location, Location Location:

This one is a little tricky due to COVID-19.  You can more furniture in your home to create blank walls for a “studio” look.  If you go into your yard, you can probably find some spots you have never thought to use before.  Look for trees with a uniform pattern, or a tree with an overhang branch to add some interest in your photo.  You can use something like a fence line to draw the eye towards your subject (ie, the beautiful lady).  If you want the background to be blurred but cant create that look with your camera settings, my tip is to put your maternity lady as far away from the background as possible.  This will give you the best chance of some blurring to occur.


Tip 4:  Have fun.

This time is so fleeting, so enjoy it.  Take loads of pictures.  Laugh while you do it.   Was this how you intended to do it?  Maybe not, but will it mark a moment in time?  absolutely 🙂

I can’t wait till all of this is over and I can work with you all again

Love Sarah



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